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★ MARRY a Tall Ex-Moviestar! For FREE!! ★

Reply to: mike@wizworld.com
Date: 2005-01-42, 12:48PM PST

Holiday Special:  NOW Get 2005 MATES in ONE!

* Tall Trim VIKING (6-foot-2, blond, blue, honorable and true)
* Eternal ROMANTIC (gentle, decent, never-married and no kids)
* Fun-Loving ex-MOVIESTAR ("The Wizard of Speed and Time")
* Award-Winning ANIMATOR (co-starred on two Disney specials)
* Infamous ARTIST (co-responsible for that 1960s Smiley-Face :-)
* Charming MUSICIAN (singer, composer, whistles three octaves)
* Published WRITER (wrote this ad without using a spell-checkerp)
* Internet LEGEND (modest, too - but try a Google for that movie)
* Generous CELEBRITY (a free movie poster with your first date)
* Bachelor CHEF (can boil water and make ice cubes at same time)
* Helpful HANDYMAN (repairs, washes, reaches highest shelves)
* Fearless HERO (speedily dispatches all bugs smaller than his shoes)
* Eccentric GENIUS (over 100 job skills, and many are even useful)
* University GRADUATE (UCLA diploma proudly filed somewhere)
* Clever NERD (folds common dollars into amusingly uncommon tips)
* Viceless CALIFORNIAN (no dependencies, no diseases, no debts)
* Natural ATHLETE (walker, hiker, climber, and never been caught)
* Native ANGELENO (yet has all of his teeth, eyes, fingers and hair)
* Safe CHAUFFEUR (superhuman reflexes honed by LA's mazes)
* International EXPLORER (travel-lucky, but might ask directions)
* Genetic TRILLIONAIRE (Slavic-Nordic, warrior-healer-creator)
* Faithful HUSBAND (hard-working, stable, always there for you)
* Vanilla STRAIGHT (despite profession, neighborhood, photos)
* Fantasy LOVER (will never need viagra, and he doesn't snore)
* Magickal MASSEUR (earth-moving backrubs, when inspired)
* And 1980 MORE - all packed into 180 pounds of a hard-bodied,
   broad-shouldered, long-legged, actually kinda shy & humble man.

   (Sorry, not available separately!)

And looking for a FUTURE WIFE who is...... (where's my list..?)

#1: A WOMAN (by birth), and somewhere between the ages 26 to 52
      (...so far, so good...)

#2: A bright, sweet, youthful, fun-loving, warm-hearted, independent,
      talkative listener, who prefers harmony to conflict, and cats to dogs
      (...uh-oh, getting difficult...)

#3: A musical, artistic idealist who is romantic, cuddley, old-fashioned,
      but non-Religious, non-abusive, non-oral and non-smoker/drinker
      (...yow, getting impossible...)

#4: A naturally slender, tall, fit, healthy, low-maintenance, blue-eyed
      blonde, who's monogamous, never married nor had children yet
      (...alright, YES, I admit it, I'm looking for my female equal!)

#5: A sunny optimist who still plans to co-create a very happy family
      with her best friend and loving soulmate
      (...and has read to here without laughing hysterically...)

Come ON, CONTACT! No more lonely nights! (Or days! Or years!)

Photos:   the Wizard pic's from 1979; but Hollywood's Kodak Theatre and me in
my den are from Dec 2004; and those are two of my own Moneygami sculptures
(each made from a single dollar bill, no cuts) (meet me and I might prove it).

This is in or around Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Hollywood, and Los Angeles, California.
Do NOT contact this person with services or other commercial interests. (Unless they involve chocolate.)

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